Level Up


Level Up is a playbook for success; a series that shows you how to succeed in academia, career and life.

Your student years are some of the most important in your life, but many students are ill-prepared, unsure and incapable of dealing with the pressure.

They make mistakes and spend the rest of their lives living with the consequences. The Level-up series was created to help students out of this cycle, showing them how to acquire and utilise the tools of success.

Level-up is a guidebook that all current students need and all former students wish they had; it uses evidence-based research to show 17 to 25 year olds how to succeed in academia, thrive in their professional lives, start a business, and build a 7-figure fortune well before their retirement age.

Written by the author of the #1 best-selling How to ACE series, Level Up is the ultimate guide for graduates, undergraduates and those starting university.

‘Tell me about yourself?’ You’ll be asked this question continuously over the next few years by friends, colleagues and employers. Want a powerful answer? Read these books, or buy them for a loved one, it’s the perfect gift!


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