Written by #1 best-selling author of How to ACE Your A-Levels and How to ACE Your GCSEs, LEVEL UP pack is the ultimate guide to success in your adult life, providing a step-by-step game plan for success!

Your student years are some of the most important in your life, but many students are ill-prepared, unsure, and incapable of dealing with the pressure.

They make mistakes and spend the rest of their lives living with the consequences. The Level-up series was created to help students out of this cycle, showing them how to acquire and utilise the tools of success.

Level-up is a guidebook that all current students need and all former students wish they had; it uses evidence-based research to show 17 to 25-year-olds how to succeed in academia, thrive in their professional lives, start a business, and build a 7-figure fortune well before their retirement age.

Written by the author of the #1 best-selling How to ACE series, Level Up is the ultimate guide for graduates, undergraduates, and those starting university.

Read these books, or buy them for a loved one, it’s the perfect gift!

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Anshul Raja

Publication date

31 August 2019


How to Ace your Degree – 170 pages
How to land your dream graduate job – 444 pages
How to be admired and respected – 320 pages


Really helpful for learning how to organise your time and revise effectively!


This book saved me during my degree – I don’t know how I would’ve completed it without Anshul’s advice. Really good tips on how to get everything done in time for deadlines and how to cover all topics effectively and thoroughly. Would recommend to all uni students.



14 December 2020

Simple yet effective book for learning how to be your best self

I loved this book! The author takes you through the different ways people view you and how to work out your strengths and capitalise upon them. It’s structured clearly describing attributes that will help in your career and personal life.

Great for anyone who would like to understand more about themselves and use that to become successful both in their private and public life.

Annie G

11 December 2020

Super Helpful

Towards the end of my 3rd year at uni, I was really unsure how to approach graduate life. This book saved my life: it took me through the process of deciding what to do based on my personal skills and interests and then how to achieve it. Also features like interview technique is good to have laid out clearly to give practical help to get the best job.
It’s especially useful at the moment where the graduate job market is so brutal due to Covid-19. Would recommend it to anyone struggling to work out what they want to do or put it into practice.

Annie G

11 December 2020