Unlock the secrets to securing multiple internships and job offers at university, including those at organisations that don’t advertise.

Finding a job after university is becoming increasingly challenging. Graduates are being left behind, their degrees and hard work going unnoticed and unrewarded. How to Land your Dream Graduate Job can change that.

Using a 4-step approach, this book will show you how to develop an unfair advantage in the internship and graduate job race. It will also outline a proven method for securing work experience at smaller companies that don't offer formal graduate schemes.

Do you know what you are truly good at? This book contains a proprietary 'skills-stack' framework to help you pinpoint your strongest skills. You will then learn how to articulate your skills and experiences in an interview.

How to Land Your Dream Graduate Job will help you discover what you’re good at, increase job satisfaction and put yourself on course to achieve complete financial freedom well before your retirement age.

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Kindle Version





Anshul Raja

Publication date

8 August 2019

Print length

444 pages


Must read for First year and Second year University students
A must-read before starting University or as early as you can! This book will guide you through what you should be doing in your first and second year at university in terms of building experience and what you should be applying for throughout each year at University which many students are unaware of due to their lack of knowledge of important yet invisible deadlines.


Fabian K

17 December 2020

Super Helpful

Towards the end of my 3rd year at uni, I was really unsure how to approach graduate life. This book saved my life: it took me through the process of deciding what to do based on my personal skills and interests and then how to achieve it. Also features like interview technique is good to have laid out clearly to give practical help to get the best job.
It’s especially useful at the moment where the graduate job market it so brutal due to Covid-19. Would recommend to anyone struggling to work out what they want to do or put it into practice

Annie G

11 December 2020