How to be Admired & Respected will show you how to develop an infectious personality and win friends at university and beyond.

Your grades have taken priority over the last few years, but your ability to sell yourself and influence others will propel you forward over the next several decades.

When trying to impress in high-stakes situations like interviews or presentations, social anxiety is half the battle. Step by step; this book will squeeze out any social anxiety you’ve taken on board whilst at school and show you how to be charismatic.

Extended eye contact, pausing for 2 seconds before speaking, shoulders back-head up body language - How do you remember all of these techniques and use them in practice? Which ones should you focus on first? The reality is that no one can consciously think about all these techniques in the middle of a conversation.

You only know if you’ve made an impression retrospectively after the social interaction is over. Charismatic verbal and non-verbal behaviour must be learned habitually and displayed instinctively. How to be Admired & Respected will show you how to achieve this.

Follow Raja’s advice and graduate interviewers will fight with their bosses to hire you; busy lecturers will drop what they are doing to help and when you speak, people will listen.

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Anshul Raja

Publication date

31 August 2019

Print length

320 pages




Simple yet effective book for learning how to be your best self

I loved this book! The author takes you through the different ways people view you and how to work out your strengths and capitalise upon them. It’s structured clearly describing attributes that will help in your career and personal life.

Great for anyone who would like to understand more about themselves and use that to become successful both in their private and public life.

Annie G

11 December 2020