How to ACE your Degree teaches you how to ACE your exams without sacrificing everything else university has to offer.

Written by #1 best-selling author of How to ACE Your A-Levels and How to ACE Your GCSEs, Raja outlines how to achieve top grades at university. This book will show you how to navigate your university’s exam system and provide a step-by-step game plan for success.

Grades are important, but no longer enough. Employers now expect you to secure a degree and walk into the interview room with relevant experience and a strong skillset. Where do you find the time to do all of this? How to ACE Your Degree will show you how to excel at your university course in the most efficient way possible, freeing up your time to build career-relevant skills.

Stuck on a question? At school, asking the teacher or a simple google search can get you an answer. Not so easy at university! Answers are often buried deep in a specialised textbook or research paper. This book will show you how to build a network of specialists that can help you find relevant information fast.

Scientists reached a broad agreement that spaced repetition and active recall were the most effective methods to remember what you read. How to ACE Your Degree will show you how to incorporate these techniques into your revision.

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Kindle Version





Anshul Raja

Publication date

14 August 2018

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170 pages


Super Helpful

This book was really helpful for working out how to get a first at uni. The writer gives clear steps to help with more efficient and subject-specific revision/course work. The book shows you when to study, what to study, and (most importantly) how to study. It also provides some actionable steps for becoming more motivated and actually succeeding at longer-term work habits. It’s very well structured and clearly written and is based upon the author’s personal experience at uni. Definitely would recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve a first at uni but unsure how.

Annie G

10 December 2020

Must read for first-year university students


Great and practical advice that will inspire you to work towards achieving a First using the same proven methods that the author used!

Fabian K

8 December 2020

Useful and Informative

I am currently undertaking my master’s degree and I was initially intimidated about how I will be able to manage this as I had never been to uni before. However, I found the book: How to ace your Degree. The tips were helpful and useful. I wish I had the How to ace your A-levels when undertaking my A-levels.

If all goes well, I look forward to graduating with a distinction.

Feyi Coker

28 November 2020

Really helpful for learning how to organise your time and revise effectively!

This book saved me during my degree – I don’t know how I would’ve completed it without Anshul’s advice. Really good tips on how to get everything done in time for deadlines and how to cover all topics effectively and thoroughly. Would recommend it to all uni students.


14 December 2020

So Useful!

I read this book in my final year of Uni and it really helped me develop an effective study routine! Would definitely recommend to anyone at University, wish I’d found it earlier!


Amazon Customer

11 February 2021

A very well-structured book making it easy to read and digest. It is definitely helping with the change in learning format between A-levels and Degree level and really gives you that sense of motivation needed. I would 100% recommend it.


Lucy Cligg

27 November 2020