Less than 7% of students achieve 3 As or more each year. How do you become one of them? Read this book and arm yourself with techniques that will help you ACE your A-Levels.

Updated and applicable for 2021/2022 exams, How to ACE your A-Levels teaches you how to revise effectively. No matter how smart or behind you may think you are, this book will teach you how to secure the grades you need to get into your first choice university!

Wondered what top students do with their time? This book provides detailed case studies that show the day to day habits of low, average and high performing students during the academic year.

Scientists reached a broad agreement that spaced repetition and active recall are the most effective methods to remember what you read. Using a 3-step approach, How to ACE Your A-Levels will show you how to incorporate these techniques into your revision.

This book will also show you how to increase your attention span through simple and effective tricks. Learn the damaging insecurities that hold you back from reaching your maximum potential and tackle them head on.

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Kindle Version





Anshul Raja

Publication date

1 July 2015

Print length

124 pages


Opens your eyes


Everything in this book is of value. I would recommend it to all
A level students. It goes through the exact same thoughts you face and dilemmas and works them out for you. It opens your eyes to revision techniques you’ve never thought of before. If it works, I will back in a year’s time to preach it further!

Mrs C Reed

7 September 2014




An amazing book!
I just found the advert for how to ace your A levels on my Facebook newsfeed with an attached video which I found very relatable,
I made an impulse buy and I can safely say that it is one of the best £9.99’s I have ever spent!
I would recommend it to anyone who needs some academic motivation!



6 September 2015

Great Guide


Honestly really loving what this book has to offer, lots of great techniques to get you on the right track. I can see alot of improvement in myself in these past few weeks. Hopefully i will ace my a levels, thanks to this excellent guide..


Manjot Singh

30 September 2014

Motivational, helpful and well worth reading!

This book taught me to look at alternative revision techniques that I would never have thought of previously. I am naturally a very motivated person but needed insight on different techniques as I want to improve my Biology grade. (Just received my AS results achieving AABE). This book provides everything you need to pick yourself up and get to where you want in life. When I saw my grade in Biology I was shocked as it is the subject I enjoy the most and grasp the content easily, and I felt I had worked hard throughout the year with Biology. However, this book showed me that sometimes revising 5 hours may not be effective at all if the technique you are using is wrong. Yes, I love making pretty little revision cards with colours and pictures but I am definitely going to use the scribble technique- it seems the most effective when time and pressure aren’t on your side. If you really WANT those grades, read this book to help with your study cycle, revision techniques, motivation, and more! We shall see if I get the results this time next year!

S R Hughes

28 August 2018


I am in the middle of my practice AS exams(mock exams) and am quite worried about the outcome. After only briefly reading through this book over the last couple of days it allowed me to think about much more efficient revision techniques to help me achieve my best grades and how I should positively approach my A-levels. I have one more exam left and this book helped me feel much more confident that what I am doing in preparation for it is right. I would advise getting this book as soon as possible, it is worth it.



Ben Thomas

13 January 2015

I enjoyed reading this- it’s not particularly long and it’s easy to read. It’s completely changed my view on how to revise! I’ve always been one to think I’m working really hard when writing notes when I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really help me retain much information. The scribble technique I feel will really help for my A2s this year, along with some tips to help avoid procrastination.



12 October 2014

Amazing revision technique which helped me achieve great A2 results
I bought this book back in March time before sitting my A2 exams. After rather disappointing AS results I was very thankful to discover this. I went from getting a U in one of my exams to an A after taking the exam again, all that changed was my revision technique. Amazing revision technique which helped me achieve great A2 results!



14 August 2015