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We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how…

Results driven providing Focus, Accountability and Perspective




Achieve your dreams with the support of our mentors 

We believe that to being truly successful is like getting fit. Going to the gym is not enough. You need to train your brain, change your habits, and enhance your routine on a daily basis. This is the same for GCSE, A-Level and University students.

At Academic Underdogs, we help you achieve the results you desire by providing the three fundamental traits for success;  focus, accountability and perspective.


Starve your distractions, feed your focus – daily focus adds incremental value for superior results 


The glue that ties commitment to the result – someone other than a parent or teacher holding you accountable


The right perspective makes the impossible possible – a  constant reminder as to ‘why’ the effort and hard work is worth it

The importance of mentorship

Anshul Raja, founder of Academic Underdogs and author of best sellers How To ACE Your GCSEs, How to ACE Your A-Levels and the newly published ‘Level Up University Series’, provides a tailored service to suit your specific required needs; from revision technique at GCSE, A-Level to degree level, or career mentorship including bespoke career advice, university choices, UCAS applications or graduate/ intern applications.

We tailor all our support to suit you, whether it be through your preferred communication frequency or learning style, each plan is bespoke to fit your needs. 

Level Up: academically and professionally 

Founder of Academic Underdogs, Anshul Raja has used his fail-proof method to help 1000s of students not only achieve their grades but accelerate both academically and professionally. 

  • Step 1: initial consultation identifying requirements 
  • Step 2: In-depth questionnaire diving into detail on subjects, goals and needs 
  • Step 3: Schedule of communication decided and agreed 
  • Step 4: mentorship begins 

Our packages are designed to provide exceptional support which results in an actionable, realistic study guide and plan.



Our pricing is broken down into three packages, which best suit your requirements. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss further

All Star Academic

Set a goal. Smash it. Repeat. If you need help staying motivated and getting to the desk, try mentoring with us. Our exam and revision technique are designed to keep you going and on your A game.

Accelerate Career

Raise your game. Understand your skills and how to sell yourself. From application preparation to interview technique we provide you with a 360 plan on how to achieve your goals. 

Superstar -Career & Academic

The perfect blend between academia and career, this package is the full shabang, with revision guidance as well as interview prep, you will be well away!

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