Does the Scribble Technique Work?

A student’s experience of the scribble technique recalled over 90% of revised information…

I asked a student to use the Scribble Technique to learn a few pages in her Biology textbook then explain the information back to me from memory. Here’s a snippet of what happened…

– Annie was able to recall over 90% of the information on each page

– She learnt the information the day before

Now imagine if Annie used this technique to cover her entire textbook then did a past paper under timed conditions – what would she get?

That’s exactly what I did after failing my first year of A-levels. I was so annoyed at myself for failing, that I learned around 20 pages in my Biology textbook each day for around 30 consecutive days.

Then I stopped!

I didn’t touch the subject for months and assumed I had forgotten all the content, until out of nowhere, my teacher surprised the class with a mock exam and achieved the highest mark in the class; 63%. Guess what the 2nd highest mark in the class? 43%

From then on, I knew that the scribble technique worked, and I was able to cover entire syllabuses 2-3x faster than my school because of it.


What other proof do you have that the Scribble Technique works?

– After retaking all my exams, I turned DDDU into straight As and got into UCL.

– I used the scribble technique all the way through university and secured a first, and an award by the dean of students for achieving one of the highest degree scores in my year group.

– Ever since I published this technique in my books How to ACE Your GCSEs & A-Levels, thousands of students have used it to secure top grades. Many of the students who reviewed my books mention the technique and how it helped them.

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