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Are you looking for the answers to the AQA 2021 assessment materials for Biology GCSE? Most of these answers exist in various areas of the internet. For those questions that haven’t been answered, we’ve listed some below to help with your revision.


Give three differences between the prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic cells?

  1. Prokaryotic cells have a cell wall, while Eukaryotic cells don’t have a cell wall. Eukaryotic cells only have a cell membrane
  2. DNA is enclosed in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell, while the genetic material in a prokaryotic cell is found in the Cytoplasm
  3. Prokaryotic cells are 1-2 orders of magnitude smaller than Eukaryotic cells

Calculate the ratio of the size of the bacterial cell to the size of the mesophyll cell.

1mm = 1000 micro metres
0.05mm = 50 micro metres (1000 x 0.05)
Bacteria cell = 1 micro metres
Mesophyll cell = 50 micro metres
Ratio = 1:50

There are many different types of lipase in the human body. Why does each different type of lipase act on only one specific type of lipid molecule?

Each Lipase has an active site with a unique shape so it can only bind to a specific lipid (substrate) molecule.

Name the type of cell division that produces genetically identical body cells for growth and repair.


Lipases break down lipids. Which two products are formed when lipids are broken down?

Fatty Acids and Glycerol

Exam boards have tried to make your life easier by publishing questions schools can use to create your exams. However, your teachers don’t have to use these questions and, instead, can choose to create their own exams. This has complicated matters because many students know exactly what they will be examined on with some of their subjects, but have no idea what they will be tested on for others.

Here’s an example of a table we created for one of our tutees…

All the subjects in the far left column were the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ and we created model answers, and helped him learn these. History and maths were more complicated.

For History, his teachers were only using some of the questions in the 2021 assessment materials. The most logical way to prepare for this exam was to write the short answers and essays, then learn them.

For Maths, his teachers were using the 2021 assessment materials, but adjusting the questions slightly. We created different variations for each question in the 2021 assessment materials and used them to teach/test him.

What about the rest of his subjects? We made the assumption that his teachers will probably use the assessment materials. So, we created model answers and helped him learn them in the exact same way we did with the other subjects. However, just in case they didn’t use the 2021 assessment materials, we worked through other past papers as well.

If you want us to help you in the same way we helped this student, request a callback here.



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