Academic Underdogs offer an alternative education strategy that prioritises independent learning. Our services help students achieve top grades much more efficiently than traditional schooling.



Nuclear security, bio risk, climate change… the world has too many pressing problems for us to have a slow and inefficient education system. It can be faster and more efficient. This is a problem we are committed to solving.



  • Offering offer an alternative education strategy that prioritises independent learning – see Yojana and Tutoring
  • Understanding how the choices people make in their youth affect their lives in adulthood. We use our research to find and create solutions to the problems faced by young people growing up in the UK 
  • Providing some of the solutions through our books, workshops, and mentorship programmes. For the problems we can’t help with, we point you towards the people who can.


Life is too short to be bored and unfulfilled. So, have we identified common concerns relevant to young people and then researched them to find the most important ones to solve for. We narrowed them down to the following:


“In today’s world, how do you build a satisfying life? What makes a good career? Do you really have to go to school? How do you achieve top grades? Is university worth it? What should you do with your life?”

Our key ideas page shows what we learned and the answers we found. Some answers are definitive, backed by strong evidence, and agreed upon by significant parts of the scientific community. Meanwhile, for others, particularly questions that haven’t been looked at by researchers, we drew upon the ‘collective wisdom’ of experts and used our own good old common sense. In other words, we tried our very best!

The results were extremely interesting and gave us the blueprint for our strategy. Have a read of our Key Ideas to find out more.