August 2016

Bad grades. Game over or blessing in disguise?

Where’s the fun in getting things right the first time? OK – sorry, if you didn't achieve the grades you wanted this year, you’re probably in no mood for light-hearted rhetorical questions. I certainly wasn’t after AS levels results day. However, I want to give you a little glimpse of the future and show you how bad grades can actually be a blessing in disguise.   To start off, no matter what your grades are, it is not game over. You can turn this situation around. Why should you believe me? Because I turned my D's and U’s into straight As, secured a place at a top university and wrote and sold 15,000 copies of a book showing others how I did it. Also, having mentored thousands of students, I know a...

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How do I persuade my teachers to give me better predicted grades?

AS Level results day. One of the worst days of my life. I opened my brown envelope only to find Ds & Us staring back at me.   I was screwed. Forget UCL how would I get into any uni?   All I got next for the next few days were sympathetic (some patronising) pats on the back. All I heard was "You don't have a chance at getting into a redbrick". I can still remember the disappointment on my parents' faces.   I was devastated. Something had to change.   I let myself wallow in self-pity for a week, but eventually pulled myself out. I needed to make a plan.   Step One: Make a plan   I knew I was doing something wrong. The way I revised just wasn't working. So I studied how to revise. Yup, you read right,...

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